Introducing Maggie Rickman, Program Coordinator, AmeriCorps VISTA

Maggie Foria


Introducing Maggie Rickman, Elk Run’s New Program Coordinator and AmeriCorps VISTA Year 2.






Maggie grew up the youngest of two children in a small, tight-knit family. Raised in a family dedicated to healthy food, communal meals, and a strong education, Maggie has been cultivating a desire to share her enthusiasm with everyone around her from an early age. She was born in New Jersey but moved to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in elementary school where she quickly was exposed to a more agrarian lifestyle.

Maggie moved to Seattle four years ago to attend the University of Washington after falling in love with the city and the school on a quick visit. In school, she studied Anthropology and French, combining her drive for social and environmental justice with her love of people and cultures. During her time in University, Maggie was presented with an opportunity to earn credit mentoring local high school students in exchange for college credit. This extracurricular activity quickly transformed from a hobby to a potential career as she became immersed in the culture of “The Most Ethnically Diverse High School in America.

Maggie brings a distinct passion for the communities of South King County to Elk Run Farm through her previous work towards equity and sustainability. She is driven towards work in the fields of education and nutrition and is immensely proud to be a part of this project for the impressive ways it combines both health and community into its mission. She is especially excited to continue to work closely with these unique communities to address the issues and injustices that impact them.

After living on both coasts of the U.S., Maggie has decided that her favorite place in the world is on the shore of any body of water. While she is currently happy and comfortable living on the West Coast, she has begun to admit that she misses ‘real’ winters and the no-nonsense attitude of the East Coast.

Contact Maggie at to learn more about programming and volunteer opportunities!


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