Elk Run: A New Agrihood?


In recent years, many city dwellers and suburbanites have become more and more concerned with where their food comes from. People want to regain a lost connection with the land and the people that grow their produce, as evidenced by the rising popularity of farmers markets and Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). For many, farming represents an idyllically rustic occupation, a way of being in touch with nature that has been forgotten amidst the hustle and bustle of city living.

But how does this romantic view of farming hold up when it is being practiced right in your own backyard? Is farmland considered to be just as pastoral when it doesn’t exist in the countryside, but in the middle of a housing development?

These questions are being addressed by the rise of what are being called “agrihoods“–housing developments that are intentionally planned to feature farms as their centerpiece, rather than, say, a golf course. Residents of these agrihoods say they enjoy being able to reap the benefits of having fresh, healthy food being grown so close to their homes.

With Elk Run Farm being situated in the middle of a housing development, there is enormous potential to build community around local food production with the presence of the farm. While Elk Run Farm’s mission is rooted in growing produce for the food banks of South King County, we also hope to educate the surrounding neighborhoods about the importance of growing your own food. Eventually, we at Elk Run Farm aim to help change the way people think about development, and hope that one day, farms will have a place not only in the countryside, but also alongside our homes.



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